28th November 2020
10.00 AM

Our Story

1 Chronicles 17:27 (AMP)
“Therefore may it please You to bless the house (descendants) of Your servant,
that it may continue before You forever; for what You bless, O LORD, is blessed forever.”

One may say that it is unlikely for two very different individuals, like William and Natasya, who have grown up in 2 different cities, to have met and let alone, fall in love. Since graduating from high school, William has ventured out from his hometown in Medan to find his footing elsewhere. In contrast, Natasya has continued to remain in the place of her birth until this very day. Despite their different upbringing, one thing that they do have in common is their independent personality. The two are very independent and the thought of spending the rest of their lives as singles did cross both their minds. But this outlook of life eventually changed when the two started to get to know one another.

How We Met

William and Natasya first met during a youth service at church. They shared the same friendship circle and found themselves talking and hanging out together along with the others. William started to be entranced with Natasya ever since the day he saw her greeting the people around her regardless of who they were, including the parking officers and cleaning service employees, with her comforting smile. Likewise, unbeknownst to everyone else, including William, Natasya started to wonder about the kind of person that William was, who always seemed to project himself being quite cool. As William and Natasya’s interaction with one another became more frequent with time due to their church ministries, they started to get to know each other and sparks of love began to appear.


Four days before his work trip to Africa, William felt compelled to make one of the biggest decisions in his life. “It was nothing romantic at that time” he liked to joke. After dinner with Natasya, he told her that he had to go overseas for a while and that he wanted Natasya to be his sole reason for him coming back into the country. “We are no longer high school kids. Consequently, do you want to take this relationship to a more serious note with me?” he challenged her. After that night, they both agreed to formally start dating to get to know one another better. They started this new season of their lives being in a long-distance relationship that came with its many challenges. Due to the time difference of almost 6 hours between Jakarta and Algiers, Natasya found herself staying up late into the night just to wait for the right time to call William. Similarly, William also spent most of his afternoon break times doing the same thing.

In hindsight, they are forever grateful for having gone through this difficult period in their relationship. Despite the many challenges of being in a long distance relationship, they both have learnt many important lessons during those times. The feeling of being afraid to lose one another has taught them to trust and understand each other better by basing their relationship on the grounds of sacrifice and the willingness to apologise. The constant worry over one another has reminded them to surrender this very relationship to the hands of God.

To this day, one may say that indeed, the couple did not spend a long time dating one another. Regardless, to the couple themselves, it has felt like they have known each other for a long time and maybe this is what it means when people say “a match from God”. They feel like they are able to complement one another and “Two glasses half-full” have now become “Two full glasses that have overflowed”. William and Natasya are both hoping that the joy that they have experienced can be shared to the people around them.

The Proposal

On one particular night, as they were about to have dinner together in a restaurant, Natasya would never have expected that a ring was already inside one of William’s pockets. She had no intuition that he was planning to “propose” to her. Yes, from the very beginning they were both committed to a serious relationship and celebrated each and every milestones. They were already preparing for their wedding celebration in early 2020, but William was still very much nervous when he finally managed to ask “Nat, do you want to become my wife?” With tears in her eyes, Natasya answered, “Yes, I do”.

Natasya never imagined that William would personally propose to her with a ring, other than at the formal family engagement ceremony. During those days, all the preparations for the wedding were already talked about and discussed and knowing William, she knew that he was not the type to show any romantic gesture. However, on that particular night, William did not just give her the “Proposal Moment” that she had secretly been waiting for but she was elated that she could experience that beautiful moment. Even when we already knew the destination, it is definitely in those sweet and joyful small moments scattered throughout the journey that makes it all the more beautiful.


William and Natasya had planned to conduct the engagement ceremony in May 2020. However, due to COVID-19, they had to reschedule their plans but they were still grateful that God had kept their families safe. When the time that they had been waiting for had finally arrived, William and his family asked Natasya’s family for permission to take her hand in marriage. The event was quite simple but harmonious. It went smoothly and was filled with thanksgiving and an introduction between the two respective families. It was, without a doubt, difficult for William and Natasya, to hide the smile on their faces.


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